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Pricing and Delivery

Wedding cake pricing

$3.79 per serving

Treat your guests to a filled cake or cupcake for only .50 cents more per serving.

(For example a 100 serving cake will cost only $50.00 more.) .

Regular cupcake pricing

$2.99 per serving

Signature cupcake pricing

$3.79 per serving

Dessert buffet

$5.29 per person

Includes two-three per person with your choice of any four of the following.

Strawberry and/or Blueberry Cheesecake Bites

Cherry, Blueberry, or Blackberry Oat Bar Bites 

Lemon Dessert Bar Bites

Brownie Bites

Cake Shooters (Can be any regular cake flavors.)

Mini Cupcakes

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and Half Chocolate Dipped Cookies

We deliver anywhere in Michigan!

Delivery is $40 up to 25 miles and then $2 per each additional mile

Other items available are sheet cakes, signature flavor sheet cakes or signature flavor round cakes, and large size cake parfaits (serves 15-20). Individual, brownies, cake shooters, cookies and half dipped cookies, cheesecake bars, lemon bars, and oat bars can also be purchased. Contact for pricing.

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